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13 Vibrational Frequencies That Unlock Your Highest Potential

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Here's a hint...The Divine Rays. To help you understand think Rainbows, Sunbeams and Radio Waves. Rainbows are visible light created when the perfect conditions of moisture and light mix, while Sunbeams (still visible) are cosmic- coming from the Sun to help create life on Earth. With Radio Waves, it's all invisible, but we, as radio listeners, are able to pick up those frequency waves and receive specific information, depending on what frequency we are dialed into.

The world of energy, frequency and phenomenons happen around us everyday. The visible examples are easy to comprehend, while the invisible (the things that are happening around us all the time without our awareness) are only made useful when intending for a turning on the radio. Once the radio is on, it can pick up all sorts of invisible frequencies. It's your intention to turn the dial to some sort of music, news or other broadcasts.

The Divine Rays are no different in availability than the Sun, no different in magic or beauty than a Rainbow, an no different in visibility and intentionally accessing them for their use than a Radio and Radio waves. You see, the Divine Rays are cosmic extensions of Source. They are energetic frequencies broadcasted through time and space. These frequencies carry in it information and healing properties that raise your vibrational state, allowing you to reach your highest potential. There are at lease 13 Rays (like channels on a radio). Each Ray had its own vibration and information associated with it. The information each Ray holds is a Mastery Teaching about ourselves and how to master our existence. Each Ray is a well of energy necessary to achieve that state of being, much like the Sun is an endless source of energy. If you were to picture them you would picture how the colors of a Rainbow blend but remain different. The Ray colors are similar to the color we can see, but are out of our range of perception. Only in our minds eye can we experience the sight of them.

They Rays are just as much a pert of you and important to you as the Sunlight. All of us have absorbed a specific combination of the Rays that make up the attributes of who we are. Most of us are totally unaware that these attributes are a part of us and can be worked with to strengthen and enhance how they work for out benefit. When we intentionally call upon or call forth these Rays, we consciously accept or bring out the energy we need. The Divine Rays are a gift and a real game-changer once you know you can access them and work with them anytime/anywhere for yourself and others.

The Rays, colors, and mastery teaching are below. To start, read through them, as you resonate with one, meditate on the color and it's teaching. Ask for it to be strengthened within you while imagining the Ray of light surrounding your being. Do this as often as you like. Visit our site to learn more about The Divine Rays or to book a Highest Potential Intuitive Card Reading. To purchase The Divine Rays Oracle Cards and Guidebook, visit our shop.

  1. Sapphire Ray (Sapphire Blue): Mastery Teaching = Willpower

  2. Yellow Ray (Yellow): Mastery Teaching = Enlightenment

  3. Pink Ray (Pink): Mastery Teaching = Heart

  4. Silver Ray (Silver): Mastery Teaching = Purity

  5. Emerald Ray (Emerald Green): Mastery Teaching = Healing

  6. Ruby Ray (Ruby Red): Mastery Teaching = Strength

  7. Violet Ray (Violet Purple): Mastery Teaching = Alchemy

  8. Topaz Ray (Topaz Blue): Mastery Teaching = Creation

  9. Magenta Ray (Magenta): Mastery Teaching = Clarity

  10. Orange Ray (Orange): Mastery Teaching = Service

  11. Turquoise Ray (Turquoise): Mastery Teaching = Mysticism

  12. Golden Ray (Gold): Mastery Teaching = Acceptance

  13. Rainbow White (Opalescence): Mastery Teaching = Transcendence

Sending Love and Light,

Brittany and Danielle

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