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This gift bundle is perfect for any occasion! It includes a 54-card Oracle Deck and Colored Guidebook, designed by Reiki Master Teachers, that can help you foster personal growth and self-love. Additionally, the deck is infused with the power of Reiki, which can aid you in tapping into your higher self. The bundle also includes a handmade Organic Sage Spray, which can be used to clear energy, and an engraved Palo Santo Stick.



Oracle Deck & Guidebook (Tarot Sized 2.75 x 4.75)

Includes 54 Reiki Infused Cards & Guidebook. Call in or call forth these The Divine Rays to help reach your Highest Potential. Spiritual Graphic Art on each card contains the Distance Reiki Symbol, providing healing to whoever views them. Colored Guidebook offers insight into The Divine Rays, as well as channeled messages about the Ray's teachings. The intuitive guidance is inspirational & explains how to integrate these cards into your daily life. The combination of Reiki, guided messages & Divine Frequencies can help you reach your Highest Potential. Included are the Tarot Sized Cards, Guidebook & Divine Love & Light Satin Carrying Pouch.


Sage Spray (4 oz. glass bottle, fine mist, gold accent)

This smokeless spray is a great alternative to burning Sage or Palo Santo because it can be brought anywhere! On the go, in the car, and in work spaces to clear the energies, anytime. It is lightly scented with Organic Sage & Lavender Essential Oils to bring a fresh smell to any environment.

Directions- Use this high vibrational spray charged with energy from crystals. Reiki & The Divine Rays, to clear, balance & rejuvenate your energy field. Spray your environment & Aura to keep your energies fresh. External use only & avoid eyes. Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Ingredients- Organic Sage & Lavender Essential Oils, Distilled Water, Everclear Alcohol, Reiki Infused Crystals - Smoky Quartz (Protection), Rose Quartz (Love), Lapis (Harmony), Amethyst (Serenity)


Engraved Palo Santo Stick

Engraved with variety of positive phrases.

"Wild and Free"

"Follow your Heart"


"Let love lead the way"

WHOLESALE: Gift Bundle

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