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Q: What is Reiki?

A: Reiki is a Holistic Energy Healing Method. In Japanese, the word "Rei" means "Spiritual/ Universal" and the word "Ki" means "Life force energy". Ki is the energy flowing through all living things. Rei is the universal intelligence guiding this energy. Put together, Reiki means Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.  Reiki Practitioners are open channels for this energy to flow and are attuned to feeling energy differences within the Bodies Natural Energy System (Chakras and Aura). Reiki is given to promote the flow of natural energy throughout the body and release energy blockages within the Aura that prevent a harmonious flow. Reiki is safe for everyone, promotes relaxation and enhances the body's ability to heal itself.

Q: How does Reiki work?

A: Reiki works well alone and along side traditional medicine as a CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine), amplifying and strengthening ones own natural healing abilities. It works with the body's Natural Energy System to activate, release, transform and balance energy within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of existence. Reiki energy works with the negative thoughts and feelings that have created blockages in the flow of Ki. It flows through the Chakras/Aura, charging them with positive energy and raising the vibration in and around the physical body where the negative energy is attached. This breaks apart the dense energy, clearing, strengthening and healing the energy pathways to restore a healthy flow of Ki.

Q: What is my body's Natural Energy System?

A: Everyone has a Natural Energy System that is just as real and alive as the physical body. It is responsible for transforming, maintaining and flowing energy throughout the body. It consists of an Aura (energy layers outside the physical body), Chakras (energy centers inside the physical body), Meridians and Nadis (Energy pathways throughout the body like veins and arteries). This energy system is in direct correlation to your physical body, thoughts, feelings, and actions. A build up of dis-ease in the Natural Energy System can lead to disease in the Physical Body. That is why is it so important to keep up good energetic hygiene!

Q: How does Reiki work from a distance?

A: In Level 2 of Reiki Training, Reiki Practitioners are Attuned to practice Distance Reiki. Activated within the Practitioner are, "The Sacred Symbols" that enhance and magnify Reiki Energy so much that the intent for its healing is able to travel through Time & Space. 

Q: What can I expect during and after a Reiki Session?

A: A Zoom Reiki Session starts with a 5 minute consultation to meet and to discuss the intent for the session. To begin the session, you will rest in a comfortable position. (It is helpful but not necessary to be seen thorough the screen). Relax and listen to Healing Sounds as both Danielle & Brittany work within your Natural Energy System to restore your natural flow of Ki. Allow yourself to fall into deep relaxation as this is the state of being where you are the most receptive. Every experience is unique to the individual and may be different each time as it depends on the state of your being. Some people are able to feel the presence of the Practitioners and the subtle movements of energy. Entering a deep state of relaxation, seeing colors and having inner visions are all common.

Q: What are the benefits of Reiki?

A: Reiki is for everyone! It is safe to use anytime, in any place and any situation. The intelligence of Reiki will re-train your individual energy system to run and operate at maximum level, benefiting you in exactly the ways you need. A single session will promote relaxation and a general clearing of energy, with effects that can last a few days to a week, depending on your life's experiences and ability to process energy. Multiple sessions are necessary for clearing specific physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues as it allows more time for both you and the Practitioners to identify and release deep-seated blockages.  Learning Reiki for yourself (Reiki 1) and for others (Reiki 2) brings unlimited, long lasting benefits that really enlighten and align you with your souls deep connection. Mastering Reiki (Reiki 3) is an empowering experience that fulfills an inner calling for spiritual development. You benefit by becoming more enlightened while developing within you the qualities that are in Reiki Energy.

Q: What does Reiki work on?

A: There are no limits to what Reiki can be used for.  Common Uses: Sports (Injury and Enhancement), Surgery/Recovery (physical, mental, emotional), Cancer & Other Dis-eases (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), General Wellness/ Maintenance (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), Deep Inner Work/ Life Coaching (past, present, future), Goal Setting and Life Enhancements.

Q: How often should I get Reiki?

A: There is no limit to how often you can receive Reiki. Consistent Reiki Sessions will keep your Natural Energy System running clear and strong. At least 4 Sessions is a typical recommendation to really feel/experience the benefits of Reiki for yourself. Get Reiki anytime you feel run down, stressed, or anxious. When you need self-love, relaxation, or a boost of energy. Get Reiki before an important event and after experiences that drain you. The more Reiki the better! 

Q: What is Sound Healing and how does it benefit me? 

A: Sound is an ancient technology/tool that has been used around the World to assist in healing. Every sound has a specific vibration or energy frequency. Our body's Natural Energy System (Aura and Chakras) also have specific vibrations and frequencies. Certain sounds vibrate at the same rate as our Natural Energy System. When we are exposed to these sounds, our bodies start to resonate with the same vibration as the sound which brings our system back into its natural harmonic state. Some benefits of Sound Healing are reduction in pain, anxiety, tension, disorder, disharmony and soul purification. 

Q: What is a Sound Bath?

A: Sound Baths are defined as deeply immersing oneself in sound waves. These sound waves are at a specific tone, vibration and frequency that positively effects our own vibrations and self healing abilities. These sounds are conducted with instruments like singing bowls, tuning forks, chanting and more. For our purposes we have created a Spotify Playlist of our favorite Hertz frequencies, Solfeggio frequencies, singing bowls and high vibrational meditation music to play during your Reiki Session.

Q: What are the benefits of Reiki and Sound together?

A: Reiki and Sound are very powerful tools to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and the removal of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages.  When used together, it's a very effective method for balancing the energy within the body, cleansing the Chakras, and strengthening the Aura to allow you to function at your most optimal level and live your highest potential.

Q: What's the benefit in learning Reiki?

A: Reiki Training is inexpensive, easy to learn and only requires 3 courses to become a Master. There are no prerequisites as Reiki 1 is available for everyone. Learning Reiki is taking a step into self development, emotional healing, connection to spirituality and learning to invite happiness. It's a way to plug into the Universe for deep relaxation, health benefits and new perspectives. Serving as a Reiki Practitioner could become a rewarding new direction in your life and a way to give back.

Q: What is Reiki 1 & what is included in the cost?

A: In Japanese, Reiki 1 is called Shoden, meaning "first teachings". It is an initiation into Reiki, where the goal is to learn and practice Reiki for yourself. It is a major step in activating self-awareness and discovering your own spiritual or higher connection. After the Course Attunement, you begin integrating an increased flow of energy and will be able to give yourself Reiki anytime/anywhere. Reiki 1 is for your own personal learning process and may take time for the integration of energy to fully set in. It is a time for clearing old beliefs, emotions and thought patterns; making way for new higher vibrational ones. The cost includes a PDF Training Manual, 4 Hour Virtual Training Course with Danielle & Brittany, The Attunement, 1 Virtual Follow-up Reiki Session for Empowerment. Once the Course is completed you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Course, Usui Reiki 1 Energy HealingTraining. Your ability to channel Reiki is for life, whether or not it is ever used.

Q: What is Reiki 2 & what is included in the cost?

A: In Japanese, Reiki 2 is called Okuden, meaning "Inner Teachings". It implies a deeper understanding and connection to Reiki teachings. This course is open to Reiki 1 attuned students who have been practicing and integrating Reiki into their daily lives. The goal of Reiki 2 is to become a Reiki Practitioner and dive deeper into your own self-awareness and capabilities of being a channel for love. You will learn Distance Reiki, Sacred Symbols, how to give a complete Reiki session for someone else, and tips for setting up a successful business.  The Attunement at the end of the Course allows you to be a clearer channel to move Reiki energy for yourself and others. After completion of the course, you will be recognized as a Certified Reiki Practitioner and will receive a Certificate to display. You will then be able to practice on others and charge for services. The cost includes a PDF Training Manual, Virtual Training Course/Mentorship with Danielle & Brittany, 2 Virtual Follow-up Sessions for Empowerment, workbook and Certificate. 

Q: What is Reiki 3 & what is included in the cost?

A: In Japanese, Reiki 3 is called Shinpiden meaning "Mystery Teachings". This course is open for Reiki Practitioners that feel ready with an inner calling to teach Reiki and attune others to the energy. Reiki 3 is a sacred step in one's journey. It is a level at which you devote your life to your spiritual path and development while empowering others to do the same. You learn Mastery techniques, more sacred symbols, other mystery teachings and how to perform Attunements for others. The Attunement at the end of the course allows you to develop within yourself the qualities that are in Reiki energy. After completion of this course, you will be recognized as a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and may teach Usui Reiki to others. The cost includes a PDF Training Manual, Virtual Training Course/Mentorship Mastery with Danielle & Brittany, 4 Follow-up Sessions for Empowerment/Teaching, and the Certificate

Q: How long does it take to learn?

A: Reiki 1 class is about 4 hours and takes at least 21 days of integrating energy and practicing Reiki on yourself before taking Reiki 2. Reiki 2 takes about 6 hours to complete and requires at least 1 year of integrating, developing and practicing Reiki on yourself and others before taking Reiki 3. Reiki 3 takes about 6 hours to complete. Mastery is an ongoing process based on the energies that become available throughout spiritual growth.

Q: How often are Classes held, and can I book a private class?

A: Classes for all levels are held monthly and can fill up quick. Check out our calendar of events for upcoming classes. Classes are typically kept small for an intimate experience with a maximum of 6 people/class.  If you have a small group of people that would like to learn together please email us your request and we would be happy to accommodate a private class.

Q: What happens after I learn Reiki?

A: Your Reiki Masters, Danielle and Brittany, are always available via email or zoom for mentorship and coaching after completing a training course from them.  A few weeks after each class you will receive an optional and complimentary Check-in Reiki Session. In this session we talk about how things are going, any blockages that need releasing and anything that needs empowering. Then, relax and receive Reiki & Healing Attunement from your Reiki Masters. 

Q: What are the Divine Rays?

A: The Divine Rays are bands of high frequency energy/vibrations coming out from the Source of Creation. These Cosmic Rays are in and around all of creation. They are equally assessable from within and they are from without. As light-beings we are each made up of a special combinations of these Rays. Each Ray vibrates at a frequency equivalent to a divine attribute of Source that is reflected within our qualities. When all the Rays are completely embodied, we are living our highest potential as a light body. We will have transcended the limitations of this human experience as divine souls.

Q: What is a Highest Potential Intuitive Card Reading?

A: Danielle and Brittany use their Divine Rays Highest Potential Oracle Card Deck to tap into the right combination of attributes/energies that your system is needing to run at its optimum level. Both Danielle and Brittany tap into their Higher Selves, along with your Higher Self, to get relevant messages to help your on your current path. After the reading, enjoy a Divine Rays Reiki Session where the Rays picked in the reading are empowered within you.

Q: What is Intuitive Wellness?

A: Intuitive wellness is a holistic approach to self-care that encompasses all elements of your being. It involves being attuned to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, and actively nurturing them. By listening to your intuition and being open to change, you can cultivate a deeper sense of well-being and fulfillment in your life. Trusting your inner guidance to make choices that serve your highest good is empowering and liberating. As you embark on this journey of self-discovery and growth, you will find yourself shedding old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, making space for a more authentic and aligned version of yourself to emerge. Embrace the process of intuitive wellness with openness and curiosity, and you will tap into a wellspring of inner strength, resilience, and self-assurance that will guide you towards a life that truly resonates with your soul.

Q: What is Physical Intuitive Wellness?

A: It's important to remember that physical intuitive wellness is not just about the physical aspect of our health, but also about listening to our body's cues and signals. When we pay attention to what our body needs, we can make better decisions to nurture and support our overall well-being. Engaging in activities like yoga, meditation, or simply taking time to rest and recharge can also contribute to our physical intuitive wellness. By honoring our body's needs and treating it with kindness and respect, we can truly thrive and live our best lives.

Q: What is Mental Intuitive Wellness?

A: Mental Intuitive Wellness is like a powerful tool in your toolbox, helping you navigate the twists and turns of life with grace and resilience. By shifting your focus towards gratitude and positivity, you create a fertile ground for your dreams to flourish and your desires to manifest. Embracing a positive mindset not only uplifts your spirits but also attracts more positivity and abundance into your life. Remember, your mind is a powerful force - use it wisely to sculpt the life you truly desire.

Q: What is Emotional Intuitive Wellness?

A: Emotion Intuitive Wellness is a transformative journey that allows individuals to embrace a more open and expansive perspective towards their emotions. By letting go of preconceived notions and being receptive to the myriad of possibilities that exist, one can truly experience a sense of freedom and growth. It is vital to acknowledge that feelings are a natural part of the human experience and should not be suppressed. Instead, allowing oneself to fully feel and understand these emotions can lead to profound healing and inner peace. Embrace your emotions with compassion and curiosity, for it is within this space that true transformation and well-being can flourish.

Q: What is Spiritual Intuitive Wellness?

A: Spiritual intuitive wellness leads to self-discovery and inner peace. By attuning to the energies surrounding you, new possibilities and insights unfold. Release past regrets and future worries, focusing on the beauty of the present moment.By embracing your current self with gratitude and acceptance, clarity and reliability in your intuition will increase. Have faith in your inner wisdom to lead you towards growth and positive transformation. Celebrate each progress step on your self-improvement journey, knowing that every endeavor brings you nearer to your best self.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us and we will respond ASAP! 

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